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West Yorkshire Archive Service Listings


Current Clubs

WYC1364 Blackley CC (35kb PDF)

WYC1324 Booth CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1365 Bradshaw CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1371 Bridgeholme CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1342 Brighouse CC (34kb PDF)

WYC1295 Copley CC (37kb PDF)

WYC1294 Elland CC (42kb PDF)

WYC1323 Elland (Arthur H.Noble) (34kb PDF)

WYC1313 Shelf CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1314 Warley CC (35kb PDF)


WYC1322 Greetland Village CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1332 Mytholmroyd Methodists CC (37kb PDF)

WYC1325 Siddal CC (32kb PDF)

WYC1326 XGPO CC (33kb PDF)

WYC1312 Wainstalls CC (36kb PDF)


WYC1321 Halifax and District Amateur Association 1 (33kb PDF)

WYC1343 Halifax and District Amateur Association 2 (34kb PDF)

WYC1344 Halifax League (35kb PDF)

WYC1315 Halifax Parish League and Cup (33kb PDF)

WYC1345 Halifax Parish Cup (34kb PDF)


North Kirklees Clubs
WYK1361 Batley CC (31kb PDF)
WYK1383 Birstall CC (23kb PDF)
WYK1279 Heckmondwike CC (8kb PDF)
WYK1273 Mirfield Parish C CC (33kb PDF)
WYK1272 Moorlands CC (34kb PDF)

WYK1271 Upper Hopton CC (33kb PDF)

South Kirklees Clubs

WYK1356 Almondbury CC (22kb PDF)
WYK1357 Almondbury Wesleyan CC (29kb PDF)
WYK1358 Armitage Bridge CC (30kb PDF)
WYK1359 Augustinians (29kb PDF)

WYK1322 Birchencliffe CC (30kb PDF)

WYK1363 Birkby FMA CC (32kb PDF)
WYK1362 Birkby Nuffield CC (22kb PDF)
WYK1366 Bradley and Colnebridge CC (30kb PDF)
WYK1367 Broad Oak CC (22kb PDF)
WYK1368 Cartworth Moor CC (30kb PDF)
WYK1387 Clayton West CC (30kb PDF)

WYK1283 Denby Dale CC (9kb PDF)

WYK1315 Holmfirth CC (30kb PDF)
WYK1268 Honley CC (38kb PDF)
WYK1269 Kirkburton CC 1 (32kb PDF)

WYK1313 Kirkburton CC 2 (30kb PDF)

WYK1374 Linthwaite CC (22kb PDF)

WYK1318 Meltham CC (30kb PDF)

WYK1314 Old Almondburians CC (31kb PDF)
WYK1277 Shelley CC (9kb PDF)
WYK1281 Skelmanthorpe CC (13kb PDF)

WYK1278 Slaithwaite CC (35kb PDF)

WYK1274 Honley Wesleyan CC (31kb PDF)
WYK1316 Howden Clough CC (30kb PDF)
WYK1372 Huddersfield CC (29kb PDF)

WYK1321 Huddersfield Taxes CC (31kb PDF)

WYK1275 Lockwood CC 1 (30kb PDF)
WYK1375 Lockwood CC 2 (29kb PDF)

WYK1319 Ravensthorpe Congregational CC (31kb PDF)
WYK1280 Salendine Nook Baptist CC (7kb PDF)
WYK1282 Staincliffe CC (7kb PDF)

WYK1360 Batley and District Sunday School League (29kb PDF)

WYK1386 Bradford and District Evening League (21kb PDF)
WYK1364 Bradford Central League (20kb PDF)
WYK1365 Bradford League (21kb PDF)

WYK1379 Central Yorkshire League (30kb PDF)

WYK1376 Dewsbury and District League (29kb PDF)

WYK1381 Heavy Woollen Cup (31kb PDF)
WYK1371 Huddersfield and District Cricket Association (33kb PDF)
WYK1370 Huddersfield and District Evening League (31kb PDF)

WYK1369 Huddersfield and District League (34kb PDF)

WYK1317 Huddersfield Central League (33kb PDF)
WYK1373 Huddersfield Junior League (29kb PDF)

WYK1385 Quaid e Azam League (29kb PDF)

WYK1380 West Riding League (21kb PDF)
WYK1377 Yorkshire Cricket Association (30kb PDF)
WYK1378 Yorkshire League (21kb PDF)

WYK1323 Arthur H.Noble (33kb PDF)
WYK1384 Almondbury Casuals CC (30kb PDF)

WYK1382 Cricket Miscellany (21kb PDF)


Thank you to archivists Pat Sewell (Calderdale) and Caroline Knight (Kirklees)



Chucker Peel in action circa 1950
Chucker Peel in action circa 1950



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