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Old Lindley Road, Outlane, Halifax

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Altitude: 260 Metres/853 Feet

Halifax League

Volunteer Contacts:

Anthony Briggs/Christine Pettinger

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Founded: 1897 as Outlane Methodist New Connexion CC
Previous Names: Outlane Methodist New Connexion CC
Nearest Landmark: M62
Nearest Railway Station: Huddersfield
By Bus: 539 from Huddersfield or Halifax bus station
Nearest Other Club: Blackley CC

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Timeline (40kb PDF)

Early Years (942kb PDF)
Later Years (1.9mb PDF)

Centenary Brochure 1897-1997 (3.0mb PDF)

Halifax Courier Club History (2006) (108kb PDF)

History of Ground and Club - Extract from Home Soil (15kb PDF)

Early History of Club by David Brenchley (48kb PDF)

'The Methodist Beginnings of Outlane CC 1897-1919' by Dennis O'Keefe (25kb PDF)

Concise History of Club (9kb PDF)

1897 First Secretary's Book (611kb PDF)

1919 General Meeting (49kb PDF)

1921 Lumb Cup Final v Oakes (239kb PDF)

1932 1st XI & 2nd XI Champions (84kb PDF)

1933 1st XI League & Cup 'Double' (104kb PDF)

1934 (13 Nov) AGM Minutes (1.8mb PDF)

1935 (27 May) Committee Meeting Minutes (38kb PDF)

1941 AGM Minutes (87kb PDF)

1950 (29 May) Team Photo (101kb PDF)

1952 (7 Oct) AGM Minutes (144kb PDF)

1957 (2 Aug) Committee Meeting Minutes (141kb PDF)

1958 Ground Purchase Deeds (1.5mb PDF)

1965 AGM Minutes (430kb PDF)

1965 Receipts & Payments (97kb PDF)

1965/6 Secretary's Report (251kb PDF)

1968 'Motorway Plan Deadlock' (143kb PDF)

1968 AGM Minutes (1.5mb PDF)

1971/2 Financial Statement (138kb PDF)

1975 Halifax Parish Cup Final Winners
1977 Club Rules (1.8mb PDF)

1982 Pavilion Extension Plans (66kb PDF)

2004 Sportsman's Dinner with Graham Gooch (40kb PDF)

2005 Heritage Exhibition Launch Event Poster (111kb PDF)

2006 Outlane v Oxenhope (web link)

2008 Junior Fixtures (85kb PDF)

2008 Teamsheets (93kb PDF)

2009 Juniors by David Brenchley (30kb PDF)

2009 Opponents I - Shelf CC by David Brenchley (22kb PDF)

2009 Opponents II - Stainland CC by David Brenchley (29kb PDF)

2009 Opponents III - Stones CC by David Brenchley (32kb PDF)

2009 Match Report v Stones by David Brenchley (35kb PDF)

2009 Reaction v Stones by David Brenchley (21kb PDF)

Club Badge (11kb PDF)

Club Cap (42kb PDF)

Clubmark and Nets by David Brenchley (20kb PDF)

Memorable Matches by David Brenchley (20kb PDF)

Training at Huddersfield New College by David Brenchley (27kb PDF)

LEAGUES: Halifax League (web link)


Who's Who (132kb PDF)

Bob Airey   Club & League Official (211kb PDF)

T.Bradley   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

P.Branch   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

Anthony Briggs   Chairman in 2004 (41kb PDF)

Alf Burley   Club official in 1982 (238kb PDF)

D.Burley   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

George Casson   'Double'-Winning Captain in 1933 (10kb PDF)

Edmund Copeland   Winning Captain in 1975 (62kb PDF)

Glyn Croft   Profile by David Brenchley (44kb PDF)

Howard Crosland   'Organiser of 2004 Dinner' (29kb PDF)

Neil Crosland   Profile by David Brenchley (20kb PDF)

O.Crosland  'Presented Crosland Trophy in 1949' (37kb PDF)

Trevor Crosland   'Club Stalwart'   Oral History

Ken Daley   Bench Dedication (39kb PDF)

David Green   Winning Captain in 1975 (59kb PDF)

Peter Gronow   Trustee & Vice-President (7kb PDF)

M.Hales   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

Graham Hughes   Profile by David Brenchley (30kb PDF)

Al Leeson   Profile by David Brenchley (49kb PDF)

J.Lumb   Captain & Secretary in the 1940s/1950s (10kb PDF)

Mike Mullaney   Committee Member in 1997 (188kb PDF)

Bob Muskett   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

Barrie, Christine & John Pettinger   'Chairman, Secretary & Captain' (35kb PDF)

Peter Roscoe   Winning Captain in 1975 (57kb PDF)

J.Shaw   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

J.Smith   Committee Member in 1997 (174kb PDF)

H.Tetlaw   Chairman in 1918-9 (423kb PDF)

Derek Whitehead   Pavilion Extension Dedication (196kb PDF)

G. Wilkes   Committee Member in 1997 (177kb PDF)

P.Wood   Committee Member in 1997 (923kb PDF)

Andy Wray   Club Official & Umpire (275kb PDF)

Team Photos

1950s (535kb PDF)

1960s (67kb PDF)

1970s (201kb PDF)

1990s (462kb PDF)

Undated (194kb PDF)


Story of Old Lindley Road (1.2mb PDF)

2006 (4 Jun) Outlane v Warley (743kb PDF)

2006 (13 Sep) Opening of New Clubhouse Extension by Andy Booth (120kb PDF)

2007 (3 Jun) Outlane v Old Town (873kb PDF)

2008 (28 Jun) Outlane v Old Town (1.9mb PDF)

Map of Ground (100kb PDF)
3D Map & Aerial Photograph (250kb PDF)
Watercolour by Tony Haigh

Action (547kb PDF)

Club Buildings (395kb PDF)

Environs (837kb PDF)

General Views (631kb PDF)

Tea Room (138kb PDF)

New Pavilion Extension (537kb PDF)

On the Boundary (909kb PDF)

Players (536kb PDF)

Scorebox (1.7mb PDF)

Signage (1.5mb PDF)

Spectators (1.3mb PDF)

Oral History - Trevor Crosland

Good Men and Women (10kb PDF)

Noisy Motorway (53kb PDF)

Small and Successful (20kb PDF)

Veranda and Nets (43kb PDF)

Wild Moorland (36kb PDF)

Local Context

Profile of Outlane (293kb PDF)

Outlane (Wikipedia)

Area Profile (web link)

M62 at Outlane (web link)

Outlane Golf Club (web link)

Former Cricket Clubs in Local Area

Outlane Methodist New Connexion CC - precursor of Outlane CC

Outlane Wellington CC

Further Reading

Halifax Courier

Huddersfield Examiner


With grateful thanks to Bob Airey, Anthony Briggs, Howard & Trevor Crosland, Barrie & Christine Pettinger & Andy Wray (OCC) and Dennis O'Keefe and David Brenchley (University of Huddersfield).

If you have any information about this club or any others in this area that could be of use please feel free to contact us via

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The Ground
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Greatest Moment

Winning the Halifax Parish Cup in 1975.

Local Hero

Andy Wray – elder statesman of the club and respected local umpire.

Bizarre Fact

Between 1970 and 1974 the club had to vacate their ground due to construction of the M62.

Methodist Background

Outlane CC was formed in 1897 and was known originally as Outlane Methodist New Connexion Cricket Club (it became Outlane CC in 1919).

Between 1897 and 1920, the club played in the Huddersfield and District Junior League; between 1921 and 1973 Huddersfield and District Cricket Association; and since 1974 in the Halifax Cricket League.

Outlane have had three grounds.
The first was behind what is now the Old Golf House Hotel (where the motorway is) and rent was paid to the 'Board of Guardians'.

The building that is now the Old Golf House Hotel was built as a children’s home (c.1905) and subsequently became the Golf Club headquarters. Clearly some of the money paid to the landlord for rent was recovered by sub letting the ground for pasture.

Golf Club Sale

At the Annual General Meeting on 6 November 1928, the Board of Guardians informed the meeting that the field had been sold to Outlane Golf Club.

But on the 12 December 1928, Mr Noble had negotiated with Mr Saxton that the club could rent a field from him for £10 per year and though the club asked for a 10-year lease, this was not granted. During February and March of 1929, Mr Pugh was asked to lay a wicket.

A quarter of a mile of class-28 wire was purchased from David Green of Lytham, 50 posts at 1/- were purchased and 20 yards of canvas for sightscreens were obtained from Spratts.

The old pavilion was pulled down on 2 March 1929. The new field was situated at the rear of where Saxton's Garage is now (Cote Farm) and on the 7 May 1929 it was resolved that golf would no longer be allowed to be played on the field.


Down on the Farm

So early in 1929 the club moved to its second home – Cote Farm.
On 1 October 1934 it was resolved that the club leave Cote Farm for Lindley Moor – its present home, and on 15 December 1934 a meeting was arranged at Lindley Moor to view the proposal.

On 9 December 1935 the old pavilion at Cote Farm was pulled down and rebuilt at Lindley Moor and in May 1935 a concrete practice wicket was laid at the new ground.

If there was ever an award for the 'British Cricket Ground Situated Closest to a Motorway', Outlane would be clear favourites.

Motorway Link

In the Calderdale region, Rastrick CC and Blackley CC would push them close, but Outlane would just have the edge. Their table-top, motorway-adjacent HQ lies just yards from the M62 and also just yards away from the boundary with Kirklees.

Outlane cricketers explain that they quickly get used to the motorway noise - and that they get withdrawal symptoms when they don't hear the rush of traffic at away venues - but for the first-time visitor to the ground, the motorway noise is the first thing that one notices.

The ground is perched at a pretty high level and from the top perimeter fence one can see for miles and miles into the distance.

To the right one can make out the small green and white 'blob' that is Blackley Cricket Club, and straight ahead one can just deduce where Elland Cricket Club and Elland Golf Club are situated.

Advertisers Aplenty

Outlane are a well-run club, as evidenced by the fact that it has attracted a range of local advertisers. The location is ideal - and the big, colourful wall hoardings can be seen by all who travel in a Leeds direction on the (very) nearby M62.

The playing area is a large rectangle: the boundaries straight of the wicket are quite short, but when the track in use is towards the centre of the field, the onside and offside boundaries can be quite long (usually, wickets are pitched on the pavilion side, leaving a short boundary on the Junction 23 side of the ground and a very challenging boundary on the Junction 24 side).

The boundary is denoted by white flags and a white painted line, and white seats and benches line the area between pavilion and scorebox.

There are two sightscreens at the pavilion end and a long, low dry stone wall at the far end. Farmland and empty fields lie beyond the playing area on three sides of the ground.


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