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Ashday Lane, Southowram, Halifax

HX3 9TR   View Map

Altitude: 191 Metres/627 Feet

Halifax League

Volunteer Contacts:

Peter & Joyce Jowett

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Founded: 1977
Nearest Railway Station: Halifax
By Bus: 571/572 from Halifax or Brighouse
Nearest Other Club: Halifax CC at Siddal



Team Photos


Oral History

Local Context

Further Reading

Club Archives


Timeline (40kb PDF)

Early Years (2.0mb PDF)
Later Years (2.5mb PDF)

Club History in Brighouse Echo (2006) (116kb PDF)

Halifax Courier Club History (2006) (116kb PDF)

History of Ground and Club - Extract from Home Soil (38kb PDF)

Concise History of Club (9kb PDF)

1897 Halifax Parish Cup Controversy: Shaw the 'Shamateur' (8kb PDF)

1988 Halifax League (166kb PDF)

1989 Investment (73kb PDF)

1994 (5 Jan) Committee Minutes: 'Children's Party & Father Christmas' (107kb PDF)

1999 (19 Aug) Yorkshire Tea Award (81kb PDF)

2000 Halifax Parish Cup Final Winners

2001 Crossley Shield Final Winners

2002 Club Badge - Parish Cup Final (51kb PDF)
2005 Heritage Exhibition Launch Event - Southowram Library (652kb PDF)

2006 Halifax Parish Cup Final Winners

2006 (31 Mar) Fred Trueman Visit for Sportsman's Dinner (39kb PDF)

2007 (12 Aug) 'Glorious 12th' Event (163kb PDF)

2008 Cock & Bottle Football Negotiations (49kb PDF)

2008 1st XI, 2nd XI & 3rd XI Fixtures (36kb PDF)

2008 Club Sponsors - Boundary Advertisements (321kb PDF)

2008 Tea Rota (73kb PDF)

2009 5th Pennine Cricket History Conference

CASC Clubs (web link)
Heritage Display in Club Pavilion (169kb PDF)
LEAGUES: Halifax Association, Halifax League (web link)


Who's Who (254kb PDF)

Bill Bailey   'Club Official in 1988' (56kb PDF)

Marie Beaumont   'Co-Founder of Club' (38kb PDF)   Oral History

John & Joyce Bower   Profile (7kb PDF)

Neil Davidson   Profile (67kb PDF)

Caroline Farrar   'Fundraiser in 1993' (218kb PDF)

Fiaz Haider   'Six Sixes' (245kb PDF)

Dave Hirst   'Ex-Club Chairman' (407kb PDF)

Jayne Holden   'Fundraiser in 1993' (219kb PDF)

Gordon Ingham

Dave Jowett   '2001 Crossley Shield Winner' (47kb PDF)

Peter & Joyce Jowett   Profile & Photos (198kb PDF)   Oral History

Mushtaq Mohammed   'Ex-Queen's Road Muslims' (56kb PDF)

Vinnie Mylett   'Ex-Elland' (35kb PDF)

Dennis Parry   'Club Secretary in 1989' (75kb PDF)

Mick Pollard   'Club Groundsman' (10kb PDF)

Tracy Pollard   'Ex-Triangle' (303kb PDF)

Derek Redhead   Photo (89kb PDF)

Barry Riley

Gordon Scott   '2000 Ton-Up' (56kb PDF)

Jake Smith   'Parish Cup Final Man of the Match' (148kb PDF)

Phil Veal   'Ex-Elland' (30kb PDF)

Rodney Veal   Photo (174kb PDF)

Austin Walker   'Founder Member of Club' (7kb PDF)

Keith Walker   Club Secretary (75kb PDF)

Simon Walker   Club Webmaster (29kb PDF)   Photo (94kb PDF)

Dennis Walton   Photo (222kb PDF)

Rita Walton   'Co-Founder of Club' (35kb PDF)

Sarah Williamson   'First Woman Player in the Halifax League' (164kb PDF)

Team Photos

1970s (116kb PDF)

1980s (84kb PDF)

1990s (211kb PDF)

2000s (789kb PDF)

Undated (860kb PDF)


1979 New Ground (137kb PDF)

1992 New Pavilion (94kb PDF)

1993 Opening of Pavilion by Tony Cawdry (27kb PDF)

2002 (6 Jul) Opening of Nets (61kb PDF)

2006 (6 Aug) Parish Cup Final - Southowram v Booth (1.3mb PDF)

2007 (26 May) Southowram v Booth (1.8mb)

2008 (19 Jul) Southowram v King Cross

Map of Ground (100kb PDF)
3D Map & Aerial Photograph (250kb PDF)

Line Drawing by Sue Brant

Painting of Ashday Lane (54kb PDF)

New Pavilion Funders - Sport England & Sports Council (41kb PDF)

New Pavilion Funders - Calderdale Council, Royal Mail, FSA (403kb PDF)
Old Pavilion (117kb PDF)


Dog (136kb PDF)

General Views

Groundsmen (158kb PDF)

On the Boundary


Pavilion Extension

Players & Umpires

Practice (376kb PDF)


Signage (650kb PDF)



Wicket & Square (663kb PDF)

Oral History

Marie Beaumont

Dave, Dennis & Friends (19kb PDF)

'Do You Play Cricket?' (26kb PDF)

Hosting Finals (28kb PDF)

In the Cock & Bottle (32kb PDF)

New Veranda (38kb PDF)

Peter & Joyce Jowett

Building the Ground (audio)

Club Roles (audio)

Community Role (audio)

Early Days (audio)

Funny Stories! (audio)
Men's Dinner (audio)
Vandalism (audio)

Women's Involvement (audio)

Local Context

Profile of Southowram (134kb PDF)

Southowram (Wikipedia)

Southowram Library (web link)

Southowram Withinfields Junior and Infant School (web link)

GENUKI (web link)

Former Cricket Clubs in Local Area (web link)

Southowram Methodists CC
Southowram St. Anne’s CC
Southowram UMC CC
Southowram Wesleyans CC

Further Reading

Halifax Courier (Southowram News)

Brighouse Echo


With grateful thanks to Peter & Joyce Jowett (SCC) and Mark Williams, James Robinson & William Marshall (University of Huddersfield).

If you have any information about this club or any others in this area that could be of use please feel free to contact us via

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The Ground
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Greatest Moment

Winning the Parish Cup on home soil in 2006.

Local Hero

Peter Jowett – player, SCC official and one of the club stalwarts who helped ‘dig out’ the Ashday Lane venue.

Bizarre Fact

The club was formed in a local pub in 1977 – the Cock and Bottle.


Born in The Cock and Bottle

The 'new' Southowram CC was originally a pub team based at The Cock and Bottle, at the other end of the village.

Club spokesman Keith Walker says: 'The ground we've got today was once a quarried tip. It was converted into a cricket ground and then leased from Marshall's, a local company. At first, the pavilion was a hut, but in 1990, with the financial assistance of the Sports Foundation, members of the club erected the pavilion that stands today.'


Six Sixes!

In recent years, other work has been undertaken at the ground.

At the end of the 1990s the whole playing area was 're-levelled' and in 2002 a new wicket was laid.

Walker says the square has always been good: 'I would say that at one point, it was the fairest in the league. We dug it up, flattened it out, and now it's both fast and true. And all the plaudits have got to go to former groundsman Mick Pollard.'

Ashday Lane is also unique. It was the first ground in the Halifax League to witness six sixes being hit in the same over.

The year: 2001. The opposition: Greetland. The man with the muscles: Fiaz Haider.


Serenity and Pretty Patterns

The cricket ground lies far off the beaten track. Indeed, as one looks out from the pavilion, one can see no other buildings at all - except for a plethora of large steel pylons.

Ashday Hall - whose history goes as far back to 1275 - is just up the road, but the residential areas of Southowram are nowhere to be seen.

This is the venue's chief charm - the serenity that envelops the arena.

The ground is extremely well appointed.

The SCC website states, 'Facilities: Rollers, Changing Facilities, Pavilion, Score Box', but this, of course, does not tell the whole story.


Pretty Mowing Patterns

The playing surface is of a good size and there are several pitches for captain and groundsman to choose from (in high summer the strips can look very parched).

The person who cuts the outfield does so very effectively, and also creates some pretty 'mowing' patterns in the process.

In addition, the sightscreens are definitely above average in quality.

One Halifax League player says: 'It's a nice ground to play at - the facilities are good but there is a downward slope to the playing area that makes things slightly tricky.'



Pleasant Semi-Rural Aura


There are baskets of colourful flowers by the pavilion - a nice touch - but the most appealing aspect of the ground, apart from its almost timeless, semi-rural location, is the seating: seven brown-and-white wooden benches to the left of the pavilion, double that amount to the right, and four more perched in front of the pavilion.

The seats are not just attractive in themselves, but together give the venue a relaxed feel and a pleasant aura.


The pavilion is akin to a large modern bungalow. When there's no cricket going on, it is shuttered up, but the blue and yellow 'SCC' flag flutters continually from the roof - signposting a highly impressive local landmark.


25th Anniversary

In 2002, Southowram CC celebrated their 25th anniversary year by winning the right to host the Parish Cup final. (The club's 1st XI actually battled their way through to the final - so they had the bonus of home advantage).

However, after days of torrential rain, the showpiece fixture had to be postponed a week - a huge disappointment for club officials, who had already ordered extra toilets for the big occasion from Leeds!

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