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Association of Cricket Statisticians & Historians (ACS) Journal

Review of books


'Curry and cricket' (2006)

'Dewsbury feast' (Aug 2006)

Batley/Birstall News

'Special evening' (15 May 2005)

'Memories of players and matches' (2005)

'Festival of cricket at a club near you' (21 Jul 2005)
'Howzat for bringing club history to life!' (16 Feb 2006)

'Conference on cricket' (16 Mar 2006)   web link

'Cricketing book launch' (31 Mar 2006)

'Crossbank - the club the Rumbolds built' (10 Aug 2006)

'Arshad and Iqbal claim top Batley CC awards' (7 Dec 2006)

'Third book on Mirfield CC' (15 Jan 2008)

Club History Features

BBC Bradford

'"It's not just a game!"'

'Hit for six - 180 not out!

BBC Radio 4

Open Country (2 Jul 2005)

BBC Radio Leeds


Photos (May 2006)

Brighouse Today

'Cricket heritage goes on show' (25 Mar 2005)

'Grass roots speakers at cricket conference' (2006)

'Yorkshire cricket on the agenda at fund-raiser' (4 May 2006)

Club History Features

Colne Valley Magazine

'Cricket in the Colne Valley' (2008)


'Get a degree in cricket history' (1 Apr 2006)

Daily Telegraph

'Evening classes explore the beauty of leather on willow' (27 Dec 2005)

Dewsbury Press

'A labour of cricketing love' (2004)

'Heaton to make history' (17 Feb 2006)

'Bygone cricket in focus' (14 Mar 2008)

Dewsbury/Mirfield Reporter

'Cricket books launch' (31 Mar 2006)

'When women cricketers were 'too anxious to run'! (10 Aug 2006)

Club History Features

Express & Chronicle Newspapers
'New sports course just the wicket!' (16 Feb 2005)

'Cricket takes to the road in historic first' (25 Mar 2005)

'Exhibition launch' (15 Apr 2005)

'A world first in club classroom' (2005)

'Cricket "roots" blossom at conference' (2006)

'Cricket history books launch this weekend' (31 Mar 2006)

'Golcar club in conference spotlight' (2007)

'Heritage of cricket under spotlight at fourth annual Pennine history conference' (Mar 2008)

'Recalling days of the "Gentlemen of Golcar"' (2008)

'Historic event at university' (2008)

Club History Features

Halifax Courier

'£43,000 grant to study cricket history' (20 Jan 2004)

'Search for past cricket glories' (23 Mar 2004)
'Here's £43, uncover cricket's joys' (25 Mar 2004)
'Clubs get into the swing as cricket hits local pubs, stores and...libraries' (28 Mar 2004)

'Cricket gets a new twist' (Apr 2005)

'Focus on Greetland: Future looks bright for club with golden past' (8 Jul 2006)

'Dennis plans to bowl them over with history' (2007)

'Howzat for a great night's entertainment' (2007)

''s not just a man's sport' (1 Jun 2007)

'Vicar paved the way' (1 Dec 2007)

'Looking back to the golden age of village cricket' (17 Jan 2008)

'Davies hoping for good turnout' (Mar 2008)

'History lesson paves way for new season' (Mar 2008)

Club History Features

Hebden Bridge Times

'End of era for local cricket team' (12 Nov 2004)

'Conference discusses the role of women in cricket' (24 May 2007)

'Praying for a wicket' (29 May 2008)

'Pioneering education link-up with professional football club' (7 Jul 2008)

Club History Features

Hebden Bridge Web

Hebden Bridge Local History Society Event (9 Jan 2008)

Heckmondwike Herald/Spenborough Guardian

'Owzat for a read to bowl you over' (2006)

'Owzat for our heritage?' (2006)

'They think it's all overs...' (2007)

Club History Features

History on Your Doorstep

'The Noble Game' (Summer 2004)
'Howzat!!' (Summer 2005)

'Howzat!' (Summer 2008)

Holme Valley Echo

Club History Features

Huddersfield Examiner
'Bowled over! £43,000 to study cricket' (19 Jan 2004)

'Pitch in to chart sport's history' (1 Feb 2004)

'Cricket fans to join in project' (15 Mar 2004)

'Cricket fans probe past' (2 Jul 2004)

'Howzat for a work of art' (15 Sep 2004)

'It's just not cricket!' (29 Dec 2004)

'In a league of their own' (2005)

'University opens the innings' (22 Mar 2005)

'Cricketing history' (28 Mar 2005)   web link

'Village cricket displays break new boundaries' (11 Apr 2005)

'180 not out for cricket heritage' (May 2005)

'Cricket exhibition' (May 2005)

'Club's first innings on the radio!' (1 Jul 2005)

'Aussie cricket star's Lascelles Hall's lesson' (10 Aug 2005)
'A new spin on cricket' (9 Oct 2005)
'Uni opens its innings with cricket course' (Dec 2005)

'Cricket lovers bat on' (2006)

'Cricket class at clubhouse' (29 Mar 2006)

'Howzat? Curry and cricket do mix' (2006)

'Three men and a book go off the beaten track' (2007)   web link

'When it's time for tea' (2 Jun 2007)

'Joy for Holmfirth and mining museum' (Sep 2007)

'Cricketing writer chart's club history' (7 Feb 2008)

'Ready to field the questions' (12 Mar 2008)

'Farid's fine conference delivery' (18 Mar 2008)

'Church sports play and pray exhibition' (17 May 2008)

'Innings opens with parish church's cricket display' (31 May 2008)

'Story of Valley game to be told' (9 Jun 2008)



'Bowled over!' (15 Mar 2004)

'Call for local cricket memorabilia' (15 Jul 2004)
'A summer of love' (1 Apr 2005)
'Cricket Heritage Project on Radio 4' (1 Jul 2005)
'For the cricket enthusiast' (Dec 2005)

'Second annual Pennine Cricket Conference' (2006)

Kirklees Metropolitan Council Staff Matters

'Howzat for team effort' (Jul 2005)

Northern Cricket Society

'A student in his seventies'

Northern Echo

'Cricket season begins in January' (web link)

Spin Magazine
'Challenge Kemp' (2007)

Sticky Wicket

'Exploring cricket country' (2007)

Todmorden News

'Heritage on show' (Jul 2005)

'Teaching the history of the game' (6 Jan 2006)

'Cricket conference steps back in time' (2007)

Club History Features

University of Huddersfield

History department poster

'The bowler's Holding, the batsmans...'

'Hit for six' (2004)

'University to host prestigious sport history event' (Oct 2008)

Wakefield Express

'Horbury author logs cup's heritage' (2006)

Weekly News

'Cricketing clowns' (6 Aug 2005)

Wisden Cricketer
'Huddersfield heritage' (Mar 2005)
'History on the road' (Aug 2005)

'Studying the history and heritage of local cricket' (Feb 2006)

Wombwell Cricket Lovers' Society

Review of George Herbert Hirst: Mirfield CC 1891

York Vale League Website

Yorkshire County Cricket Club

'How study of local cricket opens the pages of real history...'

Review of Off the Beaten Track and 180 Not Out

Yorkshire Cricket Board

'For clubs in West Yorkshire'

'For cricket aficionados'

Yorkshire Evening Post
'Three all out' (2007)

Yorkshire Life
'Cricketing quest' (Sep 2007)

Yorkshire Post

'Crowns had cricket-mad crowds all creased up' (23 Jul 2005)

'If you're dreaming of this...' (28 Jan 2006)   web link

'Putting village clubs back in the picture' (3 Mar 2008)

Cricket Clubs

Thurstonland CC (2005)

On the Web

Bats, Balls & Biscuits
Calderdale Libraries (24 Feb 2005)

Calderdale Libraries (6 May 2005)

Can Do Exchange

Kirklees Council

Oakwell Hall

Played in Britain

Played in Britain

Sigma Books



The original Heavy Woollen Cup
Triangle Opening Ceremony



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