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This page is dedicated to the band of cricket enthusiasts - or 'Professional Cricket Watchers' - who enjoy watching cricket at all levels and at all times.

With an ageing population there are an increasing number of retired men and women who try to watch cricket at all its many different levels on every day of the summer months. Test match and county cricket, of course, get by far the most publicity in the media, but at lower levels it is often difficult to find out what games are on and even where they are being played.

In addition, many people find out only after the event that certain games have been played. There are a vast amount of games all over the country being staged in front of the proverbial two men and a dog, which is how some people like it, but many more people would attend if only they knew about them.

Here we list matches in the North of England that generally go 'under the radar' and are not publicly advertised. We are particularly interested in:

  • pre-season fixtures
  • friendly fixtures
  • schools and university cricket

  • fixtures involving academy sides
  • junior cricket

  • seniors cricket

  • midweek matches
  • fixtures involving touring teams

  • charity matches

  • benefit games
  • fixtures that take place at odd times in the year

  • one-off games of any type

  • women's cricket

The motto of this page is: Share your information so that others can enjoy their cricket!

Please send any fixtures for inclusion (with date, time, venue when known) to Peter Davies at

Disclaimer: These fixtures are listed in good faith. We cannot be held responsible for any changes or alterations to the information listed.

Please send any fixtures for inclusion (with date, time, venue when known) to Peter Davies at

Please also let us know if would like any other websites listing in the Links section.



The original Heavy Woollen Cup
Mowing the TCC outfield




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