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Riley Park, Kirkburton, Huddersfield HD8 0SA   View Map

Altitude: 136 Metres/446 Feet

Huddersfield League

Huddersfield Junior League

Volunteer Contacts:

Steve Iredale & Mike Nicholas

  Club Image

Founded: 1860 at Rose & Crown Inn
Nickname: 'Burton'
Former Ground: Turnshaws (1860s and 1870s)
Nearest Landmark: Kirkburton Parish Church
Nearest Railway Station: Stocksmoor
By Bus: 235/236/238/239/240/341 from Huddersfield Bus Station
Nearest Other Club: Shelley CC


Timeline (40kb PDF)

Early Years (1.2mb PDF)
Later Years (2.0mb PDF)

'Cricket at Riley Lane': Centenary Brochure 1878-1978 (7.1mb PDF)

Club History in Express & Chronicle Newspapers (2007) (136kb PDF)

Club History by Ian Hodgson (310kb PDF)

History of Club and Ground - Extract from Pennine Pitch (16kb PDF)

Concise History of Club (14kb PDF)

1863 Scores v Penistone (Away) - Report & Scores (126kb PDF)

1867 Report & Scorecard v Kirkheaton (Away) (78kb PDF)

1878 (11 Nov) Memorandum of Agreement: 'Letting of Ground' (44kb PDF)

1904 Report & Scorecard v Armitage Bridge (Away) & Alliance Champions (143kb PDF)

1911 Huddersfield & District League - Final Table (85kb PDF)

1927 2nd XI 'Double' Winners - Team Photo & Report (95kb PDF)

1933 Section 'B' Winners (257kb PDF)

1933-4 Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Half Expenses to Players' (109kb PDF)

1935-7 Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Water Rent and League Dinner' (30kb PDF)

1942 Section 'B' Winners (108kb PDF)

1951 Riley Lane & (1 Oct) Annual Dinner/Presentations (63kb PDF)

1957 Huddersfield & District League Champions: 'Fred Haigh's Winning Hit' (160kb PDF)

1958 (22 Sep) Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Paying a Professional' (65kb PDF)

1962 (2 Mar) Committee Minutes & Paddock Shield Runners-Up - Photo (109kb PDF)

1964 Sykes Cup Winners v Honley

1966 (19 Jun) Sykes Cup 3rd Round v Elland - Matchday Programme (170kb PDF)

1968 Committee Meeting Minutes: 'No Football Boots Allowed!' (297kb PDF)

1969 Handbook (291kb PDF)

1969 (15 Jun) Sykes Cup 3rd Round v Almondbury - Matchday Programme (89kb PDF)

1970 (12 Oct) Committee Meeting Minutes & Section 'B' Champions (93kb PDF)

1971 (27 Sep) Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Silver Wedding Party' (70kb PDF)

1972 Huddersfield & District League Champions

1976 Club News (266kb PDF)

1976 Season (2mb PDF)

1978 Club Centenary, Pavilion & Action (358kb PDF)

1982 Dinner & Stalwarts (1.6mb PDF)

1982 Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Disco Fever!' (285kb PDF)

1983 v Elland (542kb PDF)

1984 (9 Dec) Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Kirkburton Old Boys' (102kb PDF)

1985 (Jun) Committee Meeting Minutes & Manly Tourists (116kb PDF)

1986 Sykes Cup Winners v Lascelles Hall, Minibus & Team Photo (2.3mb PDF)

1990 5th Place (529kb PDF)

1991 Committee Job Spec (77kb PDF)

1992 Team Photo (72kb PDF)

1993 Grant Aid (851kb PDF)

1993-4 Committee Meeting Minutes: 'Sponsorship Deal Breaks £1,000!' (149kb PDF)

1995 Revival Hopes (315kb PDF)

1996 Under-17s (183kb PDF)

1997 Scorebook - 1st XI v Hall Bower (133kb PDF)

1997 Paddock Shield Winners - Certificate (70kb PDF)

1999 Scorebook - 2nd XI v Kirkheaton, 1st XI & Under-15s Team Photos (242kb PDF)

2000 Sykes Cup & Johnson Cup Winners - Certificates (64kb PDF)

2001 Sykes Cup Finalists - Badge (41kb PDF)

2001 Sykes Cup Winners - Photos (69kb PDF)

2001 Sykes Cup Winners - Certificate (68kb PDF)

2002 Huddersfield League Champions (180kb PDF)

2003 Sykes Cup Winners v Skelmanthorpe (1.3mb PDF)

2007 Yorkshire Post Schools' Cricket Challenge (web link)

2008 Subscriptions (52kb PDF)

2008 'Caps for Sale' (43kb PDF)

2008 Ball Sponsors (58kb PDF)

2008 2nd XI Teas (71kb PDF)

2008 Sponsorship (64kb PDF)

2008 Recruitment (78kb PDF)

2008 Play Your Cards Right (137kb PDF)

2008 'Under-9s Coach/Manager Required' (68kb PDF)

2008 (20 May) Committee Meeting (119kb PDF)

2009 Presentation Evening (40kb PDF)

2009 v Shelley (48kb PDF)

2009 Practice (63kb PDF)

2009 Committee (102kb PDF)

2009 Volunteers (74kb PDF)

2009 Pub & Club Knockout (77kb PDF)

2009 Fixtures (79kb PDF)

2010 Subs (81kb PDF)

2010 Ties (51kb PDF)

2010 Teamsheet (51kb PDF)

2010 Fixtures (103kb PDF)

2010 Plans (134kb PDF)

2010 Jobs (68kb PDF)

Action - undated (130kb PDF)

'Bar Flies' Club (70kb PDF)

'Bus' Pavilion (161kb PDF)

CASC Clubs (web link)

Club Badge (49kb PDF)

Club Crest (42kb PDF)

Club Letterhead (26kb PDF)

Clubmark (27kb PDF)

'Hat-Trick Balls' - undated (49kb PDF)

Heritage Display in Club Pavilion (191kb PDF)

Presentation of Shield - undated (211kb PDF)

Team Members at Fartown - undated (74kb PDF)

LEAGUES: Huddersfield League (web link)


Who's Who (418kb PDF)

Memorials, Plaques & Dedications (45kb PDF)

Geoff Anderson

David Barraclough


Yvonne Collins   Interview (22kb PDF)   Photo

Phil Defreitas   Cricinfo


Matt Hughston

Steve Iredale

Alan Kettleborough

M. & R.Kilner   1960 Plaque (45kb PDF)

Stanley Kinder   Plaque

Phil Marks

Chris McEnhill   Oral History

Rodney Mee


Mike & Jean Nicholas

Tony Robery

Ryan Robinson   Cricinfo

Mick Saville

George Senior

Jeff Senior

John Shaw

Colin & Jean Sutcliffe   Oral History

Danny Waugh   Cricinfo

Roy Whitehead   Plaque

'12th Man' in 2001 52kb PDF)

Club Members in 1964 (74kb PDF)

Spectators - undated (32kb PDF)

Team Photos

1900s (47kb PDF)

1920s (31kb PDF)

1930s (50kb PDF)

1950s (60kb PDF)

1960s (250kb PDF)

1970s (202kb PDF)

1980s (427kb PDF)

1990s (618kb PDF)

2000s (386kb PDF)

Undated (832kb PDF)

History of Ground

Story of Riley Lane (402kb PDF)

2007 (2 Jun) Kirkburton v Golcar (1.4mb PDF)

2008 (24 Jun) Kirkburton v Lascelles Hall (20/20) (1.7mb PDF)

2009 (18 Apr) Kirkburton v Slaithwaite (668kb PDF)

2009 (29 Aug) Kirkburton v Skelmanthorpe (2mb PDF)

2010 (9 May) Kirkburton v Lepton Highlanders (588kb PDF)

3D Map & Aerial Photograph (250kb PDF)

Line Drawing by Sue Brant

Watercolour of Riley Lane (15kb PDF)

Ground Today

Action (555kb PDF)

BBQ Man (72kb PDF)

Clubhouse (640kb PDF)

Environs (800kb PDF)

General Views (337kb PDF)

On the Boundary (1.1mb PDF)

Scorebox (297kb PDF)

Signage (275kb PDF)

Spectators (1.5kb PDF)

Teatime (396kb PDF)

Trophy Cabinet (282kb PDF)

Wicket & Square (549kb PDF)

Oral History

Chris McEnhill

Barbara's Chair (20kb PDF)

Busy Club (132kb PDF)

Frank and Charlie (33kb PDF)

Good Neighbours (23kb PDF)

Lovely and Very English (19kb PDF)

Jean Sutcliffe

A Relaxing Day (audio)
Chocolate Cake (audio)
Cost of a Match (audio)

Jean's Role (audio)
Not Good Enough (audio)
Sykes Cup Six Sixes...Well, Nearly! (audio)
Two Handles (audio)

Local Context

Profile of Kirkburton by Lindsay Pollick (577kb PDF)

Wikipedia (web link)

Library (web link)

Kirkburton Parish Council (web link)

Kirkburton Area Committee (web link)

GENUKI, 1820s (web link)

Francis Frith Old Photographs (web link)

Kirkburton Middle School (web link)

Cricket Heritage Trail: Park Life - Kirkburton & Shelley (web link)

Former Cricket Clubs in Local Area (web link)

Kirkburton Amateurs CC

Kirkburton Church CC

Kirkburton Wesleyans CC

Further Reading

J.N.Fisher, Huddersfield and Kirkburton Branch (1997)

Burton Bulletin

Huddersfield Examiner

Club Archives

West Yorkshire Archive Collection 1 (Stored at Huddersfield Library)

West Yorkshire Archive Collection 2 (Stored at Huddersfield Library)


With grateful thanks to Steve Iredale, Chris McEnhill, Mike Nicholas and Colin & Jean Sutcliffe (KCC) and Victoria Grainger & Zahid Khan (University of Huddersfield).

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The Ground
  Archive Images


Greatest Moment

Winning the Sykes Cup for the third time in four summers in 2003.

Local Hero

George Senior - the first homegrown Kirkburton player to sign on as the club's professional (1937).

Bizarre Fact

In 1960 a defunct Huddersfield Corporation trolleybus was used as a pavilion after a fire at the ground.

Hills and Hedges

Kirkburton's hilly ground, on Riley Lane, is surrounded on one side by luxury houses and bungalows, built in the 1960s and 1970s.

Most have grown tall hedges or covered their rear windows with iron covers or netting to save a large glazier's bill in the event of a middle-order batsman swinging to leg. (Some of the bungalows also boast verandas - perfect for cricket-loving residents).

On other sides, it is farmers' fields and greenery that border onto the turf. The village church looks on, as does Emley Mast in the far distance.

Playing Surface

The playing surface at Riley Lane is undulating in certain regions (it falls away slightly at the far end from the pavilion).

In places too, the field is slightly raised. The boundary's edge is littered with benches, bins, and animals (look out for cats and dogs).

A club member says: 'It's always been a good batting wicket here - a bowler's deathbed in many ways.'

There is also an artificial wicket, just to the left as you look out from the pavilion. Club spokesmen describe Riley Park as an 'elevated site' and 'a superb piece of land in a delightful setting', with a 'commanding position above the village'.

'Enterprise' of Members

A pavilion was built in 1920 and a tea room purchased in 1932 (soon after, a Ladies Committee was formed).

In 1951 one observer looked on admiringly at the club; he talked about the 'enterprise and sacrifice' of members, the 'happy manner' of Kirkburton cricketers, the 'charming' and 'entertaining' way they played the game, and the excellent wicket ('one of the finest…in the league').

Exactly 100 years on from the founding of the club, the original pavilion burnt down.

The disaster occurred in April 1960 - the fire destroyed the dressing rooms and much equipment. For a short space of time, the club used an ex-Huddersfield Corporation bus as their pavilion.

A new pavilion arrived in 1962 - the one that still stands today. It is a converted bungalow, with a garage next door. It took two years to build, and was then extended only two years after it was opened.

Pretty Picture

By 1969 the powers-that-be at Riley Lane were pretty satisfied; in the Huddersfield League handbook, they described the new structure as 'attractive' and 'well built', and their ground as a 'modern and pleasing home for village cricket'.

They went on: 'Enjoy a pleasant afternoon at our picturesque ground and a pleasant evening in the comfort of our modern clubhouse'.

Today, the building incorporates kitchen, bar area and lounge plus a small cricket library, which members and visiting spectators are free to borrow from.

Adorning one of the inside walls is a superb watercolour painting of Riley Park - the work of Jean Sutcliffe.

Aussie in Town

The scorebox, built in the early-1970s and almost a 180-degree walk from the pavilion, is an interesting feature.

A warning notice on its frontage says: SCORERS ONLY PLEASE (there's also a lock and padlock to scare off intruders).

There is a cute set of steps up to the top floor and there are five small advertising boards affixed to the bottom.

And three bits of trivia: (1) Steve Waugh visited Kirkburton CC in July 1995 - and a photo in the pavilion commemorates this fact; (2) Riley Park has witnessed its fair share of women's cricket; and (3) In 2002 a full tea cost £2, a sandwich £1.20, and it was 40p for a mug of tea, a cup of coffee, or a slice of cake. Great value.

And when Kirkburton won the Sykes Cup at Elland in 2003, it appeared that the whole of the village was there. The travelling support was exceptional, and obviously spurred the team on to victory.

Founding of Club

The club was founded at a meeting on 25 February 1860 at the Rose and Crown Inn by members of the Carlton Working Men's Club with Charles Heptonstall in the chair.

In fact, cricket club members had to be members of the Carlton too.
Sam Rhodes was elected president, with William Stockdale as vice-president and George Watkinson as secretary.

The first playing area was a piece of land at Turnshaws, now part of Oaklands Park. The first reported game was against a Hepworth XI.

By 1863 the club was playing matches as Kirkburton and in 1867 they played a fixture against Kirkheaton.

Games were also arranged against other clubs: Beaumonts Club of Kirkheaton, Netherton,
Shepley, Skelmanthorpe, Wortley, Almondbury, Highburton, Thurstonland and Dalton.

2nd XI games were also played, which indicates a high level of enthusiasm.

The club moved to current venue Riley Lane in 1878, opening with a game against Hepworth on 20 April. Ground improvement work began that same year.

Founding Fathers

Kirkburton became one of the founder members of the Huddersfield & District Alliance in
1893, winning the competition in 1910.

They joined the prestigious Huddersfield & District League in 1911 – and compete in this
competition still today.

In 1932, a tea room was purchased and this led to the formation of the club's first ladies

The 1st XI claimed the Huddersfield and District League Section ‘B’ championship in 1933. The side was unbeaten throughout the league season and, against Almondbury, created a new record for time-limit cricket: 355-9.

Approach of War

As war approached, the club engaged in payments for players.
In 1938 the club's own player, George Senior, signed as professional for the first time.
Another of the club's stars, Fred Haigh, signed as pro the following summer, 1939.

1944 witnessed a unique BBC radio commentary on the club’s Sykes Cup semi-final tie
against Broad Oak, played at Paddock.

There was sadness in 1960 when the club’s entire dressing-room block, along with all
tackle and essential equipment, was completely destroyed by fire on 5 April.

Great efforts were made by the league president, Herbert Robinson, to rally support from many quarters – and this enabled the club to start the season on schedule.

A defunct Huddersfield Corporation trolleybus had to be used as temporary accommodation until the new building was opened.

The club’s new pavilion was unveiled by Mr Herbert Robinson on 1 June 1962 – a great

Sykes Cup Success

In 1964 the 1st XI scooped the Sykes Cup. Housing development on the eastern side of ground also began.
Although there were the inevitable problems of ‘balls through windows’, a number of new residents became club members, including some who went on to serve on the committee.

Around 1970 a women's cricket section was established. The (men’s) 1st XI claimed the
Huddersfield and District League Section ‘B’ championship in the same year.

In 1972 the pavilion was extended to incorporate the Stanley Kinder Lounge. The club’s 1978 brochure observed, following this development:

‘Originally consisting of a bar, changing and toilet facilities, the pavilion now proudly offers
year-round, every evening bar openings, teas on match days (and food on many other social
occasions) and a comfortable lounge for those who prefer more the atmosphere of a pub.

‘It is a popular social centre, not only for people from the village but from further afield. It has an attraction for families, since children are welcomed - and catered for - and as such has every opportunity for the closest links with the village community.’

The 1st XI also bagged the Huddersfield League championship in 1972.

David Barraclough and Geoff Anderson had their loyalty to the club rewarded in 1982 as a
benefit match was staged for each of them.

In 1984 the Zimbabwe Under-20 touring side played a fixture at Riley Lane. Nine years later, in 1993, grant aid of £3,750 was received from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts to help improve facilities at Riley Lane.
Danny Waugh, the younger brother of Test legends Steve and Mark, had a spell as Kirkburton overseas player the year after in 1994.

And former England Test player Phil Defreitas signed up for a short stint at Riley Lane in 1995.

The new millennium heralded an array of Sykes Cup final victories and championship titles – and the future looks bright for the club from Riley Lane.

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